Support #EqualPay for Women

Buy an #EqualPay jersey to help support our effort to increase access to sports for girls and bring awareness to - and help close! - the wage gap.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

We're in TIME! And featured in Sports Illustrated!!

Due to popular demand - and so much amazing press - we can't guarantee delivery by the holidays (we have exams to take, after all, and some college applications to write). With the help of our friends down the road at Terry (a Vermont woman-owned business) and whole lot of volunteer support, we have moved over 4000 jerseys out the door, and are still shipping... 

We are partnering with Change The Story VT and T by Dem (another Vermont woman-owned business) to add a new sustainable, equity-oriented twist to this campaign. COMING SOON: recycled polyester jerseys and organic cotton tees with the #EQUALPAY slogan, the CTS logo and the mighty Seahorse. Of course. 

These garments are friendly to the earth and to the women who produce them, providing livable wages, education and training, the right to unionize and safe working environments in Bangalore. More to come on this very soon.

We are grateful for your support. And we realize not everyone wants or needs a shirt. If you'd like to support the gender equity cause without adding to your wardrobe, please visit the Change The Story website to make a direct donation.

Thanks for supporting #EqualPay! 

Burlington High School Girls Soccer

The Burlington Vermont High School girls soccer team is raising awareness about the gender wage gap. We have teamed up with Change The Story VT, an initiative designed to advance women's economic security in our state, to create a special run of #EqualPay jerseys. You can support our efforts by purchasing a jersey (or six) -- or by making a monetary contribution to our efforts. We were inspired by U.S. Women's National Team efforts to achieve equal pay for equal work. We are honored that we have been able to inspire others. Thank you for helping us #changethestory. 

Supported By Change The Story VT

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